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We’re official sponsors of the 2014 Expression Engine Conference!

It's official, PaleoSun is going to EECI 2014! What is EECI, you ask? Welp, in their own words, EECI is:

"a community run developer conference dedicated to educating and enhancing the ExpressionEngine community."  

The EE stands for ExpressionEngine, and CI stands for CodeIgniter. We've attended the conference last year in Portland, Oregon, and in 2012 outside of Austin, TX, and we're excited to return this October in Alexandria, Virginia! And this time, the whole Paleo crew is coming along, and as official sponsors!

We began using ExpressionEngine back in 2010, and it has since become our CMS of choice. While we still maintain websites built in Drupal and Wordpress, every new site we make is built on EE. Having worked in many different content management systems, I was immediately attracted to EE for many reasons; the main reason for me was the flexibility. The projects PaleoSun takes on are more than just brochure websites, and require a good deal of custom coding. I felt too constrained when it came to customizing Wordpress or Drupal to meet the needs of our projects. 

Over the years and many projects, I've gotten to watch EE grow, along with all of the amazing add-ons and community around it. I became familiar with names like Low, Pixel & TonicSolspaceDevDemon, Mark Croxton, Causing Effect, and many others by using their awesome add-ons. These are developers that really shape the EE community, and they often attend these conferences too! Teaching AND learning from one another. 

The conference spans 3 days, with the first day filled with unique workshops and the next two days chock full of various panels and talks by the best in the field. Topics range from security to best-practices to add-on development to marketing and business, with some talks yet to be determined. Something for everyone!

So we're proud sponsors, and excited for EECI 2014!

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