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​Here at PaleoSun, we like to cut ourselves…. on the bleeding edge of the technologies we love. For me, the rate of change in the technologies and techniques is one of the big reasons I chose the field of Computer Science. It will just never get old. Well, it won’t get old if you keep abreast of the advancements happening every day. One way I try to stay sharp is by reading through some of the many amazing design and development blogs out there in the world wide web. 

One of my personal favorites is called Codrops. While their blogs cover all sorts of areas of design and development, my favorite section is the library of really cool jQuery tools. I like to head over to and browse through the plethora of examples and tutorials. Whether you’re a designer, a developer, or a client looking for a website, this site can open your eyes to the nifty possibilities out there, and it even provides live demos and full implementation instructions. Neato content sliders, nifty image galleries, full-blown google maps implementations, all kindza stuff. What more could you ask for? Pie? No. No pie for you.

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