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Hour of Code at Claxton Elementary

5th grade students demonstrate Sphero robot

We are proud to have participated, for the second time, in Hour of Code at Claxton Elementary!

We met with Ms. Then's 5th grade class, for an hour of introductory computer science exploration. We introduced ourselves, and spoke briefly about how we use code in our work, helping the students make a real-world connection for the lesson. The majority of our time was spent assisting students as they walked through an exercise on the code.org website. The exercise was targeted at young learners, helping them understand the logic of computer programming without getting bogged down in the specifics of programming languages. The servers timed out a few times (apparently there is a lot more interest in Hour of Code this year) but it didn't get us down. The class ended with the 5th graders doing a demo of Sphereo, a programmable robotic ball.

PaleoSun staff assist students with code.org exercise

Hour of Code is a global initiative aimed at inroducing school aged kids to computer science, and encouraging them develop an interest in the topic. You can learn more about hour of code at hourofcode.com and code.org.

We had a good time at Claxton Elementary. We are always happy to support an interest in computer science in the younger generation.

Posted by Stephen Eggett on Dec 09, 2014