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Maybe it's the personal service. Or our sound reasoning. It could be our commitment to excellence. Whatever it is, clients keep coming back. We earn business at every meeting, with every decision and with every line of code. And clients seem to like that!

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Bill leads the way in establishing the conditions for a successful project while advocating for better processes. With the support of his staff, client expectations are managed from day one through constant and clear communication. Bill works to keep decisions in alignment with business and user goals.

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We apply technical skill and creative problem solving to develop elegant website solutions. We also offer support to our clients with ongoing marketing and maintenance services customized for each unique business. The success of your project starts with a clear understanding of your needs. Contact Us today to schedule your first meeting or feel free to send us a message with the requirements of your project.

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  • Create/Share Itinerary
  • Event Listings
  • Full Screen Homepage
  • CMS Development
  • User Interface Design
  • Responsive

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Alltec Global

  • Comprehensive Analysis
  • Architecture Overhaul
  • Full-featured CMS
  • Web Marketing
  • Training & Documentation

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Blue Ridge Music Trails

  • Interactive Map
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  • Responsive Design
  • Media Gallery

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ChiLiving, ChiRunning, ChiWalking

  • Multi-Site CMS
  • Many Custom Features
  • 3rd Party Ad Integration
  • Training Programs

Design by: theBATstudio and JuneAllison

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Highland Brewing Co.

  • Events Calendar
  • Blog with Sharing
  • Many Customizations
  • Advanced CMS Features
  • Videos & Photo Gallery
  • Highly Designed

Design by: Jared Ray and Matt Levin

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Blue Ridge Bone and Joint

  • CMS Development
  • UI Design
  • Pervasive Blog
  • DB Driven Content
  • Dynamic Navigation
  • Marketing / Maint.

Design by: Jared Ray

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Tops for Shoes

  • Compare Shoes
  • Browser Style,Color,etc
  • Like on Facebook
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  • CMS Development
  • User Interface Design

Design by: Sharon Harms

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  • Comprehensive Analysis
  • Dynamic CMS
  • Multi-Audience
  • Advanced CMS Features
  • Permission Level Editing

Design by: 828:design

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A-B Tech

  • Homepage Architecture
  • Top Level Rebranding
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  • Analysis & Recommendations
  • Section 508
  • Award Winning!

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Wordpress vs ExpressionEngine

As web developers we have the opportunity to find the best tools to meet our clients’ needs. Most times we are in a position to recommend a content management system, and we work hard to make sure our solutions will efficiently meet the objectives of the project. At other times a system, such as Wordpress, is specifically requested by the client.

At this point we can choose to concede to the client’s wishes, or in some cases, push for another solution. Why would we challenge the client on their CMS selection? Simply put, we will fight for a quality project that meets the clients needs. We don’t have any special obligation to one CMS or another. Our only concern is to do good work that everyone can be proud of. 

So, why not use Wordpress?

The answer to the question of whether you can accomplish your project in Wordpress is probably “yes”. The real question is should you. Wordpress began as a blogging platform, and it continues to carry that legacy. As a result, it tends to be better suited for simple websites, such as brochure or portfolio sites.

If Wordpress has one advantage it’s popularity. There are many free and affordable templates, a large developer community, and an abundance of 3rd party plug-ins. But that popularity also has a downside. Wordpress is prone to occasional security breaches, requiring frequent updates, and damage control costs for businesses targeted by the data breaches.

Despite the abundance of templates, it can be complicated to produce a truly custom design. If required functionality is not exactly matched by available plug-ins, it can be difficult to modify them. And, the frequency of updates means that plug-ins can become unstable, and require replacement. Wordpress is free, but nothing is ever really free.


  • Best suited for simple websites - blogs, brochures, & portfolios
  • Large developer community
  • Wide selection of free and affordable templates
  • Wide selection of 3rd party plugins
  • Ease of use (backend mgmt)
  • Free


  • Security issues
  • Plugin stability
  • Complex templating system

Why we like ExpressionEngine

ExpressionEngine was built with flexibility and extensibility as primary features, allowing it to be tailored to exactly match the project requirements. This makes it a superior choice for sites with unusual functionality, or with plans to grow and change over time.

Websites built with EE are free to be as customized as necessary. The templating system is simple and powerful. It effectively separates markup and styles, allowing CMS data to be output and displayed in whatever way is needed.

EE is also the superior choice for websites concerned with security. Although some of its stellar security record is surely the result of obscurity, the developers of EE (EllisLab) work hard to keep security strong. To date, there has never been an EE security breach in the wild.

ExpressionEngine is not free. And while this may seem like a downside at first, it turns out to be a benefit. The fees help pay for ongoing development, and for technical support that far exceeds the forums and blogs you’re limited to with Wordpress.

We could go on … 


  • Multiple content channels (types)
  • Membership & user management
  • Easy & flexible templating system
  • Easy to grow & develop over time
  • Ease of use (backend mgmt)
  • Security & stability
  • Superior technical support
  • PaleoSun is most experienced with EE, reducing dev costs


  • Probably overkill for simple websites
  • One time license fee can be a barrier for very small budgets

It has been our experience that most of the projects that come our way require something more than Wordpress, even if our clients don’t realize it yet. For now, EE is a good choice for those more complex projects. But again, our responsibility is to do a good job, and we’ll go wherever that responsibility takes us.

Posted by Stephen Eggett on Feb 10, 2015